Staff & Training

Our number one priority:

Providing highly trained employees. We are highly trained and certified to respond to blood borne pathogens, including COVID-19. Our on-site trainings are facilitated by professionals with extensive real-world and high stakes experience, so that you feel comfortable letting us take the lead.

Areas of training include but are not limited to:

Safety and Security

Job-Specific Skills and Technical Knowledge

Specialized Leadership Training

Our employees are encouraged to build upon their areas of expertise, skills, and knowledge. This ensures that we have the flexibility and adaptability to provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that our team can handle all tasks that could be required for the job.

American Global Facility Services’

commitment to safety

We support and follow the workplace safety standards and regulations established by OSHA. Safety training and meetings are regularly conducted on the job sites to discuss new safety considerations.

Every new employee is required to undergo training on all of the safety requirements of their job and how to operate within a hazardous environment

We have an extensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) that is in accordance with Senate Bill 198.

This program thoroughly details our safety communication system, assuring compliance to safe work practices, hazard assessment, accident investigation, hazard corrections and record keeping/documentation.

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