Above and beyond standard cleaning areas

While Janitorial and Day Porter Services help establish and maintain a standard of cleanliness and disinfection in your facility, American Global Facility Services’ Specialty Services are here to elevate that standard to a whole new level.

Carpet Shampooing

AGFS uses a hot-water extraction process to attack and remove most common household allergens, dirt and stains from carpet to prolong its life and keep it looking new longer.

  • Save money by keeping your carpet in good condition to reduce replacement costs
  • Maintain the look and improve the smell of your carpet and facility
  • Prevent the spread of allergens, bacteria, and other dangerous pollutants

Stripping and Waxing

Floors lose their shine and begin to wear over time. AGFS has the techniques and the highly trained personnel to ensure that your floors stay as fresh and vibrant as they were when they were first installed.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent scratches and damage from developing.
  • Completely seal your floor to protect against water and other liquids.
  • Your floor will shine like it never has and the uptick in maintenance will make it easier to clean.

Pressure Washing

We put our crews through special training to learn the best technique to use high -pressure water sprayers to remove all kinds of dirt, grime, paint, dust, and mud from buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

  • Keep the face of your facility clean to give the best first impression you can.
  • Get ahead of possibly damaging substances to your facility’s surfaces.
  • Ensure the safety of everyone who steps foot in your facility.

High Dusting

AGFS has the best tools and methods to clean the hardest to reach spots in your facility. We have the expertise and experience to handle the highest cleaning jobs, even over 20 feet high.

  • High dusting helps improve the overall quality of indoor air, which is now more important than ever.
  • Keeping fans and HVAC ducts clean and dust free can save you money while improving the overall effectiveness
  • Removing high dust and dirt can brighten up any space and keep the client focused on their core business.

Window Cleaning

We have cleaned more windows than we can count, and we still want to keep giving our clients the cleanest windows they can.

  • Eliminate dirt and germs that accumulates on the interior and exterior of your windows. This improves energy efficiency and helps keep costs lower.
  • Let the sun provide more light into your facility, enhancing the appeal of the space.
  • Keep dirt and allergens at bay.

Escalator Cleaning

Escalators are high traffic areas by use of employees and patrons visiting your business. AGFS has extensive experience cleaning and maintaining escalators and we can ensure that they run smoothly and look great.

  • Avoid dirt and dust build-up from preventing your panels operating at a high level of efficiency.
  • Keep dirt and grease off the most vulnerable parts of the escalator’s machinery.
  • Reduce costs with AGFS’s regular cleaning and maintenance techniques.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels do a lot of work generating power for your facility. Let AGFS keep them clean and operating at their best.

  • Keep dirt and dust build up from keeping your panels from operating at a high level of efficiency.
  • Take advantage of any government feed-in tariffs received for generating your own power.
  • Keep your panels’ warranty intact by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Interested in specialty cleaning services?