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All of American Global services are closely monitored using our quality control program. We have specific protocol for operations as well as a guide for crisis management. Each of our managers have defined duties and employees for which they are responsible. We make ourselves available for our clients at all times and set high quality standards for performance. These standards are constantly measured using checklists and audits, which are available to you for review.

We currently hold an impressive list of clients, a great deal of those who have been with us for many years. We can provide you a list of references to give a better idea of the kind of services we provide. Throughout the duration of our contracts, we provide excellent customer service at all times, including regular and detailed reports on every aspect of performance.

With all of our clients it is extremely important that we have a thorough, effective plan of communication.

The right employees are the key to any operation. Therefore, we have a detailed screening program that guarantees anyone we send to any facility or property, will have a background check, drug screening, legal work permits, and all relevant job training completed.

American Global Facility Services is a certified, women-owned corporation. We consider supplier diversity when working with any organization and will provide you with all information pertinent to the use of women owned enterprise certification

We take pride in contributing to the movement for a cleaner environment, which is why we offer an extensive list of green products for our clients to use.

We view every client as a chance to create a fantastic opportunity and on-going working relationship for both parties.